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Your Total Labor and Employment Solution
© 2009 Keaton Law is a Labor and Employment legal practice, the members of which are separate and distinct legal entities. All rights reserved.
Keaton Law provides personal service to clients on legal compliance and litigation issues. With an eye to
teaching while counseling, Keaton Law serves its clients by not only by generating options, but also by moving
the client forward in their own understanding of the law and best practices.

Keaton Law also represents employers’ interests at unemployment hearings, EEOC Charges, Department of
Labor investigations, grievance and related hearings, civil rights litigation, Constitutional claims, and HR Audits.
Keaton Law has particular expertise with FMLA and ADA compliance issues, which are Federal Laws that have
recent amendments. Keaton Law also partners with Employers to ensure that they conduct lay-offs and RIFs
correctly, while also coaching them about how they might rebuild their workforce to be stronger when the time

For day-to-day personnel issues, Keaton Law provides “hot line” services to employers at rates that make
financial sense. This service enables employers to get the legal information they need when they need it.
Human Resources professionals often use this service when they need a sounding board for a new issue,
confirmation that their process or response to an inquiry is legally correct, and/or what options exist for solving
HR problems. This hot-line is ideal for questions about unemployment compensation, overtime, COBRA, FLSA,
FMLA, ADA accommodations, EEO and other laws.

Keaton Law also provides cost-effective handbook review and revision, as well as training for employers. When
employers can demonstrate that they provided necessary training to their employees and supervisors, they
have taken a proactive stance to defend tort claims such as negligent retention and supervision. These tort
claims do not have caps on damages. Check our training services page to see how an “ounce of prevention”
could be worth a “pound of cure.”